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Bringing up Heidi....

Little did I understand how adopting a grown dog would change our lives. Sure, I figured I'd have to walk it a little and maybe actually have to do the doggy poop pickup thing. (I think dogs really enjoy that part)  But I wasn't ready for the total immersion of doggie training that has engulfed our lives. Ever since our youngest, Andy,  turned 18, Eileen and I have had the freedom to go away on the weekends whenever we liked. Or, if we wanted to go for a long walk  on the weekends.. no big deal. Or, maybe  sleep in a little longer than usual, no problem. Those days are just a distant memory. We've traded them in for a 50 pound bundle of energy that needs her morning, mid-morning, afternoon, and night time walks around the neighborhood.  At 5 AM, the alarm goes off (or Fiona starts moving around our faces on the bed) and Eileen and I are out of bed getting dressed to let the "Beast" (Fiona's nickname for this uninvited guest who now has taken over her kitchen and laundry room) out of her crate and on her first walk of the day. 


Scoping out the back yard fence for squirrels

Gone are the days of over 6 hours of sleep. Gone are the days of just getting in the car and going somewhere. Gone are the days of a clean house. Gone are the days of clean hands. Gone are the days of passing another dog on the street without the creature next to me going into a ballistic, raging,  Cujo devil-dog routine. 

It was obvious that Heidi's previous owners had given her a lot of love and she knows how to give it back to humans. However, it's just as obvious that they did very little to train her to behave properly, especially in the presence of any other dog. Eileen and I have embarked on a training program to get her to behave around other dogs. Once she gets over  this problem, the walks around the neighborhood will cease to be  like  walking in a mine field. 


From time to time, I keep asking myself -what was I thinking when I excitedly told Eileen about that Shiba Inu in the optician's office?


But then Heidi comes over and politely sits in front of me and pleads with her eyes to be petted, then rolls on her back so I can rub her underside, closing  her eyes in approval. I forget for the moment that this new family member has destroyed the peace and order that I used to take for granted. 

Could I go ballistic?  Never!


Who knows...with the right amount of training, maybe she will be a great addition to our family.


Stay tuned for updates!


Hey.. I can actually hear a lot better like this...thanks!

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