Heidi Meets Raven  - July 2007

If you've read the Heidi story, you're aware that she came to us from the San Martin Shelter with a very serious dog aggression problem. We've been working with her to overcome this  problem and very recently, through the help of a new trainer, ( Marthina McClay,  www.dogtrainingforpeople.com/ ), we've made excellent progress! When Andy got a Lab puppy (Raven) and asked us if we could watch it for a week while he took a vacation, we said yes but were a little concerned that Heidi might rip little Raven's head off! Using a "get to know you" method that Marthina showed us, we were able to bring Heidi and Raven together, with Heidi taking the role of the the "Alpha", showing Raven how to settle down. It was a HUGE break-through for Heidi.



        When I say stop harassing me, I mean it!                                                Now I've got you in the famous Heidi arm lock....



That's more like it... I'll tell you when it's OK to get up.                                Nothing better than sittin' with my mom..




          Time out for a pear-eating break                                                                           Wanna play with me?




    Taking time to smell the flowers                                                                Two friends getting ready to patrol the backyard


        Taking a break from the fun with Heidi