March 2005 family get-togethers (continued)

Easter 2005 celebration at the Garcia Ranch

Each year we enjoy a wonderful Easter dinner at Eileen's family's ranch in Watsonville. Her three aunts (Jonnie, Mary, and Ad) open their home to Eileen, me, our sons and girlfriends, Bob, Minnie, Randy, Maryanne, Francis, and other family members who want to share some good food and conversation. There's also plenty of Easter candy including Maryann's famous "Peeps and Poops™ " (pictured below).



          Getting ready to sit down at the dinner table                                                                    Mother and daughter pow-wow


                Pat, Eileen and Tia Jonnie                                                                                        Francis, Matt, and Tia Mary


                                                Why people should not eat too many carrots....


                 Those famous Peeps and Poops™                                      An overcast day at the ranch in Watsonville                                   


            Bob and Randy waiting for the dinner bell                                                                Tia Ad and Minnie catching up


Ryan getting the third degree on what's new....                                             Smokey the cat - "When will they leave so I can sit in my favorite chair?"


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