October Festa 2008

Wolfsen's Sausage Tasting - Gustine, CA            October 4, 2008                                         



If it's October, then it must be time for Wolfsen's sausage tasting event in the California central valley town of Gustine. Steeped in Portuguese tradition, Gustine is located approximately 15 miles north of Santa Nella and about six miles east of Interstate 5 on Highway 140. This was our fourth year at the tasting, now part of the town's October Festa  (well, I guess our first time there doesn't really count because the Wolfsen operation was destroyed earlier that year in a fire). 

Check it out next year if you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life and want to sample some great food.  Look for us.. we'll be there.







                    $5.00 for all the sausage you'd like to sample                                                                 Let the  tasting begin......Eileen at the first of many tasting tables


   Bob and Minnie ask some questions                                                                                              Pat, Maryanne, and Randy with their toothpicks ready for action




    One of the October Festa bandmembers getting ready for the concert




        Sorry, no dogs allowed in the sausage tasting area                                                                    You don't find many sidewalks with this stamped into them in silicon valley... 

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