April 2005 pictures (continued)

The cat climber that Eileen built for Fiona (who only stays on the base!)

Passover Seder 2005

Once again, we held the Passover seder at Grandma Janet's with me, Eileen, Ryan, Matt and his girlfriend Erin, Bob, Minnie, El, Ruth, and Jamie, the bipolar dog. The seder service was quick (it would have been longer if Marty was there), the wine was sweet (a dry Manischewitz" has got to be an oxymoron) , the food was tasty, and the conversation lively! There was even talk of having next year's seder in Arizona. Hey Sam.... are you ready?


        Ryan, Bob, and Eileen chat before the meal                                                            Group hug shot with Erin, Matt, and Janet 


    El with Jamie (more pics to follow on the two faces of Jamie)                                Ruth and Minnie get acquainted


                        Nice Jamie......                                                                                        Devil Jamie.....   


                        Let the meal begin!!                                                                            The star of the show...fruit juice with a kick.


                                    One last photo for the road with Rich, Eileen, El, Erin, Janet, Matt, and Ryan

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