Los Gatos High School Graduation Ceremony    June 13, 2008    

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        Leo's group of four  walk down the school's steps to their seats                           A close-up of Leo's group (Leo is on the far right)


           The Los Gatos High School Band (Fossil Farm was busy, I guess)                      The smoke- laden fog rolls in from the burning Santa Cruz mountains


          Leo walks down the steps after receiving her paper                                         The happy graduating senior...."No more homework!"


            Leo and her proud host parents!                                                                        An eerie scene on our walk home...thanks to a smoky sunset.


Andy, Leanna and Randy try out the refreshments at the graduation party                     Leo blows bubbles as Erin and Matt look on.


Pat tries to make a point as Heidi looks up to Randy and Ryan for some snacks                             Inside the house at the "adult table"  


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